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Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space with Top-Tier Lawn Sprinkler Solutions in Huntington Woods, Michigan

Welcome to Wilcox Bros. Lawn Sprinklers and Landscape Lighting, the premier choice for lawn sprinkler installation, maintenance, and repair services in Huntington Woods, Michigan. Our highly skilled professionals have been revitalizing landscapes in Huntington Woods, MI, and Charlotte, NC, for over four decades, showcasing exceptional expertise and resourcefulness.

Transform your Huntington Woods home’s outdoor surroundings with our modern lawn sprinkler systems, incorporating smart Wi-Fi controllers for ideal water usage. At Wilcox Bros. Lawn Sprinklers and Landscape Lighting, our mission is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by converting your property into a flourishing, captivating haven in Huntington Woods, Michigan.

Enjoy the Rewards of Huntington Woods, MI’s Automatic Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Discover the practical and cost-saving perks of an automatic lawn sprinkler system in Huntington Woods, MI. By utilizing water effectively, you’ll preserve this essential resource while cultivating a stunning landscape. Trust Wilcox Bros. Lawn Sprinklers and Landscape Lighting’s 40-year history of quality, value, and dependability in Huntington Woods, Michigan.

Remarkable Lawn Sprinkler Installation Services in Huntington Woods, MI

Working closely with you, our designer will develop a personalized irrigation strategy tailored to the distinctive needs and conditions of your Huntington Woods, MI landscape. Employing advanced equipment and established methodologies, our expert installation crew will promptly enhance your property for the best performance.

Thorough Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance Services in Huntington Woods, MI

Secure your investment with our all-encompassing aftercare and annual maintenance packages in Huntington Woods, MI. Wilcox Bros. Lawn Sprinklers and Landscape Lighting offers seasonal assessments, adjustments, winterizations, and testing. We are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee in Huntington Woods, Michigan.

Speedy and Dependable Lawn Sprinkler Repair Services in Huntington Woods, MI

When repairs or system improvements are needed in Huntington Woods, MI, our local service technicians are at the ready. We extend an exclusive 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, ensuring your system remains in prime working order with our wide array of repairs, replacements, and enhancements.

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Our approachable, well-informed staff is ready to help with any inquiries, and our easily accessible Huntington Woods, MI location ensures a hassle-free visit.

Select Wilcox Bros. Lawn Sprinklers and Landscape Lighting in Huntington Woods, MI for unwavering commitment to excellence in lawn sprinkler installation, maintenance, and repair. With 40 years of industry experience, rely on us to deliver exceptional results and guarantee your irrigation system operates at peak efficiency. Contact us today and delight in the mesmerizing transformation of your refreshed Huntington Woods, Michigan landscape, backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Lawn Sprinkler Services Huntington Woods Michigan
Lawn Sprinkler System Installation Huntington Woods Michigan

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Wilcox Bros, we pride ourselves on utilizing top-notch components and expert craftsmanship to deliver unbeatable value in residential lawn sprinkler systems. Our team will tailor-design an automatic watering solution that covers your entire lawn with ease, efficiency, and reliability. With Wilcox Bros, you’ll save both time and money on your lawn care needs.

Sprinkler System Installation & Repair 

Wilcox Bros. offers expert repair and maintenance services for sprinkler systems. Their knowledgeable technicians provide a wide range of repairs, including fixing leaks, repairing broken components, and optimizing system performance. Their goal is to ensure that lawns and landscapes remain healthy and well-watered, while minimizing water waste and promoting efficient resource use. With a focus on providing high-quality services and exceptional customer satisfaction, Wilcox Bros. is a trusted partner for sprinkler system repair and maintenance.


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