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Lawn Sprinkler Installation - Commercial & Residential

Using only the highest quality components, combined with professional workmanship, we offer the best value in residential and commercial lawn sprinklers.


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Landscape Lighting

With Wilcox Bros. landscape lighting installation, you will discover that energy efficient, low voltage lighting allows you to enjoy the landscape around your home year around. Twelve-Volt systems provide you the brightness of a 110-volt lighting system for a fraction of the cost.


1. Will an automated system take more time than if I water by hand?
2. Does an automatic system increase my water bill?
3. Are there several systems to pick from and how will I know which one to choose?
4. What is a vacuum breaker?
5. Is your company insured?
6. Will my lawn be damaged when you install a system?
7. Why do some people have second meters for their sprinkler system?
8. Do you repair and service existing sprinkler systems even if you were not the installer?
9. Do you install or service fountains?
10. What is a controller?
11. What are the valves?
12. There are so many different sprinkler heads.  What is the difference between a Rotor, a Riser or a Pop-up Head?
13. Can I adjust a rotor by myself?
14. How will I know which head is best for my yard?
15. Does my system need to be winterized?
16. Can I use my underground well as a water source?






1. Will an automated system take more time than if I water by hand?

Your system will do all the work for you.  It will place the exact amount of water needed that is programmed in your timer for your landscape beds, trees and lawn.  You will not have to spend any of your spare time moving a sprinkler device around your yard, dragging hoses or standing out in the hot sun for hours. You will no longer need to have family or friends take care of your lawn while you are away. 

2. Does an automatic system increase my water bill?

If you are already watering your lawn on a regular basis, you will use less water as your lawn will now be watered with the exact amount you choose, and timed not to over water.  We also have Rain Sensors available for installation that automatically stop unnecessary watering when it rains.

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3. Are there several systems to pick from and how will I know which one to choose?

Wilcox Bros. sales representatives are trained to help you choose the best system for your soil type, landscape needs and weather conditions.  We have been in business for over 25 years and provide systems for home owners and businesses in a seven county area of southeastern Michigan and in the Charlotte NC area.  We can provide a custom system to meet your specific needs.

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4. What is a vacuum breaker?

Installation of a vacuum breaker which is also called a backflow preventer is required by Law.  This device prevents water that could be contaminated by the different lawn maintenance chemicals from backing into your home water supply.  We use a licensed plumber to install these devices.

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5. Is your company insured?

Yes, we are fully insured with worker's compensation, liability and equipment insurance. 

6. Will my lawn be damaged when you install a system?

Installing a system requires pulling pipe by machine. We have equipment to do this that causes minimal damage. We also use machines to pull pipe under driveways and sidewalks if necessary without causing any damage to your pavement. Sprinkler lines quickly disappear as your lawn grows. 

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7. Why do some people have second meters for their sprinkler system?

You can save on your water bill by not having to pay the sewage portion of your bill on your outdoor water use.  Second meters can be installed even on your existing system.  Each city has specific rules on whether or not these meters are allowed.  Please contact your local water department for information.

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8. Do you repair and service existing sprinkler systems even if you were not the installer?

Yes, our trained service technicians are familiar with all types of systems.  We have been working in the area opening, closing and updating systems for 25 years. fount44.jpg      



9. Do you install or service fountains?

Yes, our experienced service techs have been trained to install and repair several different types of fountains. 

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10. What is a controller?

Controller is another name for a timer.  They control the time, the amount of water and in what order the zones will be watered. 

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 11. What are the valves?

Valves are used to control the flow to specific areas also called zones.  Each zone has its own valve.  They are kept in a valve box which protects them from dirt and wear as they are buried underground.  We use a green lid so they blend in with your lawn. 

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12. There are so many different sprinkler heads.  What is the difference between a Rotor, a Riser or a Pop-up Head? faqanim.gif

Rotor-Head - This is a gear-driven rotor which rotates from a 40 to 360 adjustable arc and spray anywhere from 15 to 30 feet.

Pop-Up Head - These heads are inserted flush with the ground.  The water pressure raises them anywhere from 4 to 12 inches out of the ground to avoid surrounding obstacles.  After the cycle has finished, the head falls back into place.  Pop-Ups spray from 2 to 15 feet.

Risers - If the water spray has obstacles (landscaping, air conditioner, etc) over 12 inches in height, we will install a riser.  They do not retract.

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13. Can I adjust a rotor by myself?

pdf Yes, please click here to download a PDF diagram.


sprinkler1.jpg14. How will I know which head is best for my yard?

Wilcox Bros. experienced sales representatives and service technicians have been well trained to advise you of all your lawn sprinkler needs.

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15. Does my system need to be winterized?

Systems MUST be winterized to prevent damage.  Wilcox Bros. begins doing winterizations in mid September.  We will notify you by mail giving you a choice of weeks.  If you have a compressor and wish to attempt this yourself, please call our office and we will provide you with written instructions.  We are not liable for any freeze damage should you do your own winterization. 

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16. Can I use my underground well as a water source?
Yes, we can design a system to almost any working well based on the gallon per minute and the size of the motor in the well.

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1. Has the contractor provided you with an address for his place of business? 
          A.  Yes, on your contract.

2. Does the contractor carry all necessary insurance?
          A.  Yes, workman's compensation and liability. 

3. Is this a full or part-time job?
          A.  Full 25 years in business.

4. Can he provide local references?
          A.  Yes, upon request. 

5. Are they members of the Better Business Bureau? 
          A.  Yes. Please call 644-1012.

6. Does a live person answer the phone in the office? 
          A.  Yes. There are six full time secretaries.

7. Can you deal directly with the owner of the company?
          A.  Yes. Either Doug or Dave Wilcox will meet with you.

8. Can he provide trade references? 
          A.  Yes, available upon request.


1. Is the anti-siphon device atmospheric or pressure vacuum oriented?
          A.  Pressure vacuum breaker.

2. Is copper used for the plumbing tap?
          A.  Yes, 100%.

3. Is valve manifold all PVC?
          A.  Yes, no clamps.

4. Are valve boxes used over all valves?
          A.  Yes, all valves are accessible.

5. What size and pressure rating is polyethylene pipe?
          A.  All 1” and 100 lb.
6. What kind of wire?
          A.  We use heavy duty underground black casing direct burial wire.


1. Is 100% coverage of all grass areas guaranteed?
          A.  Yes, we design head to head.

2. What method is used to get underwalks and driveways?
          A.  Dry bore - we don’t wash out.

3. Where is timer located?
          A.  Customers preference.

4. Is work done to meet city codes?
          A.  Yes, all phases would pass inspection.

5. Is there much damage to existing sod?
          A.  No, Our machines work on sod.      

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Lawn Watering Tips

You want to establish efficient irrigation. The way to do this is determine the right amount of water needed. Avoid over watering and under watering. Here are a few tips that may help you:

1. Adjust your irrigation timer each season and even more frequently during the hot summer months to save water.

2. Water in short cyles to allow the water to percolate into the soil and not run off.

3. Add a rain sensor to your system. Your irrigation contractor can install this device to virtually any system

4. Leaks can occur and cause a good deal of expense in wasted water. Check your entire system each month for potential problems.

5. Make certain your sprinkler heads are spraying the area needing watering. Check your adjustments monthly. You may want to arrange a monthly service check with your regular irrigation service company.

If your grass is turning brown, there are several ways to check if the grass is really dead or just dormant. Most grasses are cool season grasses that thrive at cool temperatures but go dormant in the heat. If you pull at the grass and it comes out easily, it is dead. If it still holds, it is just dormant until the temperature drops. Having brown grass does not mean you should over water. Most irrigation specialists agree that an established lawn needs just one inch of water per week.

You should water only when your lawn shows signs of stress. If you step on the grass and the blades spring back, you are okay. Tf you leave a footprint, it needs water. Water just long enough to saturate the ground. Water in the morning or in the early evening to avoid evaporation and when it is less windy. You may notice a water run-off, which can occur if the ground is too dry and does not soak in. In that situation, turn the water off for a couple of minutes and start again.

To calculate how long you must run the sprinkler to get an inch of water, follow these simple steps. Place 6 to 8 shallow cans at different locations. Run your sprinklers for 15 minutes. Measure the water in all the cans and divide by the number of cans you use. This will give you an average. This average is the amount of water your sprinklers apply in 15 minutes.

A great deal of water is lost to evaporation and improper design. You can save thousands of gallons per year by following some of our water saving tips. With just a bit of planning, you can create a conservation friendly system.      

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Watering Tips During a Drought

When drought conditions occur, it is imperitive that you determine immediately the amount of water needed to preserve the life of your expensive flowers, plants, shrubs and trees. As watering times are limited in most drought situations, you must determine which of your landscape items requires watering first. Your more mature shrubs and trees, of course, would be your first priority as they would be the most expensive to replace. Perennials would be next and then annuals.

Most plants require one inch of water per week during the growing season. However, if temperatures surpass 90 degrees, they may need 2 inches of water per week. One inch of water should seep into the ground at least 7 to 14 inches depending on your soil type.

Always water early in the morning to lessen the chance of evaporation and potential diseases. Watering during the extreme heat of the day could result in 50% evaporation.

Irrigate slowly so the water can percolate into the soil instead of running off. It is very important if you are dealing with sloping ground.

Always water where the roots are located. You need only water the root area, not the entire area of the foliage. It is more economical to water just the root and not the entire garden or bed area.

For trees, the area that needs watering is at the outermost branches, not around the trunk. If it is a mature tree, water three feet beyond the outermost branches.

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